Choose Your Own Ending

Capitalizing on the popularity of “choose your own ending” story-telling, Recall Studios has developed a new approach to Virtual Reality media production. While other content creators are finding it difficult to assimilate new media technology into their storytelling, getting lost in gimmicks and trickery, Recall Studios has commenced creation of plot lines amenable to Virtual Reality’s strengths.

The Recall Story™

The Recall Story™ is written from a second-person point of view, with the primary viewer assuming the role of the protagonist, making outcome-determinative choices.  The primary viewer becomes a spy, a mountain climber, a tight rope walker, a soldier, an astronaut or a private detective searching through a multi-faceted universe.  Friends watch immersively as the primary viewer chooses which way to go, which door to open and whether to fight or flee.  Each action unlocks different plot lines and endings.  Like the “choose your own ending” stories so popular in the mid-20th Century, the Recall StoryTM may be watched over and over, with alternate viewers making the choices leading to myriad endings.  Visual cues, like a person gesticulating wildly and asking the viewer to look up, will help drive the story.  It is truly an amalgam of the newest technology with an old form of storytelling.