We are Recall Studios

Recall Studios is the future of new media, entertainment and gaming content and production. Founded by business, media and entertainment industry leaders to meet growing demand for Virtual Reality and other media content, Recall Studios operates within the convergence of two burgeoning business sectors: Virtual Reality and New Media. Increasing interest in Virtual Reality, driven by Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Oculus Rift, has contributed to the rising demand of Virtual Reality and high technology moving image content. Experienced at developing immersive narratives across multiple platforms, Recall’s executive team is positioned to capitalize on this demand which is believed by many Fortune 500 companies to signify the dawn of a new era of information conveyance. While most other VR companies are focused on servicing hardware demand, Recall Studios has eyed the new, underserved content market, necessary for all the next generation of media, entertainment and gaming applications.


We are creating a synergistic environment for traditional film to meet and mesh with next generation virtual reality, which will not only change our experience with technology, but enhance its effects.