A Little About Us

Who We Are

Recall Studios is at the convergence of new media, entertainment and software development, creating unique interactive experiences that immerse viewers unlike anything they have seen before. The company was founded by business, media and entertainment industry leaders to meet growing demand for Virtual Reality and other content. Proprietary software and non-linear narrative storytelling are at the core of all Recall Stories™.

What we do

Virtual Reality

Recall uses proprietary technology to create fully interactive experiences called Recall Stories that make the viewer part of the action.  It is the “choose your own adventure” of next generation media.  Become a spy, a daredevil, or a sports legend exploring a multi-faceted universe. Using voice recognition, the viewer can interact with characters, driving the plot based on their responses. Decide which door to open, who to trust, whether to fight or flee, each action unlocks different plot lines and endings.  Recall Stories can be watched over and over, leading to a myriad of endings.


What we do

360 Experiences

Recall Studios is focused on creating high quality, high concept immersive experiences.  Capitalizing on the rising popularity of Virtual Reality and non-linear storytelling, Recall Studios’ approach to immersive media production goes well beyond the conventional, taking the viewer on experiential journeys where anything is possible. Led by a team of industry veterans with a proven history and expertise in film/VR production, we create immersive narrative experiences and distribute them across multiple platforms.

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